Summer Show Jumping Competition

On Sunday 31st August Greatham Equestrian Centre held a Show Jumping competition. We decided to run this event as close to a proper show as possible to give our riding school clients a feel as to what it would be like to enter a real show.

We decided to have 6 classes to suit all abilities from lead rein classes to open for the more experience riders, a pairs class for everyone and Top Score for those who like a challenge! A schedule was produced, competition numbers bought and clients were asked to complete the entry from and send it to the Show Secretary.

The weather was perfect. Once again the yard was full of children preparing their horses/ponies for competition. Horses/ponies were washed, groomed and plaited to perfection.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to our riding school clients for making such a huge effort on the day. Every single rider looked so very smart and you made the horses/ponies look incredibly smart too!

Class 1 – Beginner

We had 5 entries for this class. The jumps were approximately 30cm (1’). We ran this class slightly differently to the other classes. Three competitors jumped clear and went through to the next round. Instead of a jump-off against the clock riders were judged on how well they jumped the course. It was very close but Hannah Mason riding Alfie came first.

Class 2 – Novice

Eight entries for this class and the jumps were 45cm (1’6”). This class was run under show jumping rules and unfortunately we had two eliminations. With only one clear round Natasha McAndrew riding Puzzle was the winner.

Class 3 – Intermediate

Eight entries again for this class and the jumps were 60cms (2’). Five went through to the jump-off. We had a clear winner with a time of 30.84 seconds – 14 seconds faster than 2nd place, Rebecca Ireland riding Rocky.

Class 4 – Open

Six entries for the Open (75cm / 2’6”) with four jumping clear rounds and going through to the jump-off. This time it was very close with only 3 seconds between 1st and 2nd place. Once again Rebecca Ireland riding Rocky came first in a winning time of 33.00 seconds.

Class 5 – Top Score

Five competitors entered the Top Score Class. The school was full of helpers who quickly rebuilt the course for this class. The rules were read and riders planned their routes. Each fence had a value and could be jumped in any order. The higher the fence the greater the value. Riders have a minute to jump as many fences as they can. The rider with the most points is the winner. However, upon completion of the round the rider is asked if they would like to attempt to jump the joker jump (about 4’). Riders do not have to jump this fence. If they decide to and clear the joker they receive 100 points, if they knock the fence down 100 points are deducted from their score. Only two riders attempted to jump the joker fence – both knocked it down but this didn’t stop Hattie Wilson riding Topper winning the class.

Class 6 – Pairs

Once again the course was quickly changed for the Pairs class. It was bedlam in the school with 10 riders and horses/ponies warming up and learning yet another new course. This class was great fun – the ponies and children were flying around the school but we had clear winners again Hattie Wilson riding Topper and Rebecca Ireland riding Rocky with a time of 1min 6.38 seconds.

At the beginning of the show Crystal announced that the overall winner would receive a trophy. Scores were totted up, checked and double checked and the overall winner of the show was Rebecca Ireland riding Rocky. Well done Rebecca!

Results table

Class 1 -Beginner
1st: Hannah Mason – Alfie
2nd: Thomas Hall – Cuso
3rd: Grace Cureton – Rupert
4th: Nastasha McAndrew – Puzzle
5th: Sephran Ling – Apache

Class 2 – Novice
1st: Natasha McAndrew – Puzzle
2nd: Jennifer Frost – Apache
3rd: Teigan Ling – Sean

Class 3 – Intermediate
1st: Rebecca Ireland – Rocky
2nd: Millie Warman-Kyte – Puzzle
3rd: Orla Stone – Nemo
4th: Emily Cooper – Sean

Class 4 – Open
1st: Rebecca Ireland – Rocky
2nd: Amy Cureton – Cuso
3rd: Hattie Wilson – Topper
4th: Millie Warman-Kyte – Cuso

Class 5 – Top Score
1st: Hattie Wilson – Topper
2nd: Rebecca Ireland – Topper
3rd: Millie Warman-Kyte – Cuso
4th: Emily Cooper – Sean
5th: Bella Hardwick – Wispa

Class 6 – Pairs
1st: Hattie Wilson – Topper & Rebecca Ireland – Rocky
2nd: Natasha McAndrew – Puzzle & Orla Stone – Corky
3rd: Emily Cooper – Sean & Millie Warman-Kyte – Cuso
4th: Lucas Dixon – Dinky & Lucy Butler – Minnie
5th: Jennifer Frost – Alfie & Esme Cavanagh – Rupert




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