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Topper is a 16.2hh Dutch Warmblood chestnut gelding. He is a Grade B show jumper. Topper a great schoolmaster in everyway. He teaches teenagers and adults how to jump as well as very experienced riders to jump more technical and challenging courses. Jumping is his favourite thing to do. He takes riders up to and including BHS Stage 4 flat and jump.  Topper is a regular Pony Club team member at Show Jumping competitions.


Ed is a 16.2hh piebald Irish Sports Horse gelding. He is a true all-rounder excelling at show jumping, cross country and dressage. Ed loves to hack and is a well established hunter. He is a big moving, talented horse that everyone loves riding. Ed is riden by teenagers and adults in group and private lessons and Pony Club Rallies.


Dublin is 16.1hh skewbald gelding middleweight hunter gelding. He is a balanced, comfortable, very well schooled ride, enjoyed by teenagers and adults to advanced level. He works at elementary dressage level and is very popular in group and private lessons. He is a lead hack and competition horse with a huge jump. Dublin can often been seen at sponsored rides and shows and events with Crystal. He takes riders up to and including BHS Stage 4 on the flat.


Trooper is a grey 16hh Registered Irish Draught gelding. He is a super comfortable ride with a lovely collected canter that’s great to learn on. Trooper was bred in Ireland and came over as an eight month foal to a home he spent his life at before coming to us. Trooper has competed in dressage and show jumping competitions, sponsored rides, Cross Country and loves to hunt. Trooper carries riders from 5’3 to 6’3 and he is a super stage one and two horse with a leg at each corner.


Hero is a 15.3hh handsome bay Irish hunter gelding. In Ireland he spent two years hunting with his breeder before coming to us. Hero loves to jump. He excells Cross country and show jumping but also loves to hack, often taking the lead as Debbie and Crystals hacking horse. Hero is a nicely schooled, brave, balanced responsive ride that suits teenagers and adults at C+/ Stage 3 and above.


Sean is a 15.2hh piebald Irish cob gelding.  He has hunted in Ireland and is a brilliant all-rounder. He is so obedient and can be steady or forward going, depending on your experience. He loves to hack and jump but his favourite thing is cross country.  Sean is the kindest, sweetest horse you will ever meet and has manners in abundance.  A real favourite with adults, teenagers and men.


Marley is a black 15.2hh Irish cob gelding. He is a real confidence giver and gives an exceptionally smooth, comfortable ride. Marley works well in the school and really loves to hack.  He is truly bombproof out in the open and thoroughly enjoys our annual beach ride.  A lovely steady horse who is easily recognised by his huge forelock. Marley is loved by children, teenagers and adults.


Puzzle is a 15.1hh cob piebald mare. She is a super all-rounder who has taught so many to ride.  Puzzle enjoys taking beginners with her speciality being teaching riders to canter and jump for the first time.  She loves hacking, jumping and rallies and is probably the most genuine horse you will ever meet.


Echo is a 15.1hh grey registered connemara gelding.  He is a super athletic little horse that floats across the ground.  He is a comfortable responsive ride who excels out hacking and hunting, which he did previously in Ireland.  Echo loves to jump, both cross country and show jumping, where his agility and scope are clear to see.  Echo also works well on the flat with flashy paces to match.  Echo loves attending senior pony club camp.


Rolo is a 15hh bright bay Irish Sports Horse.  He is a very versatile chap who enjoys his work.  In his previous home in Ireland he competed regularly in dressage and show jumping gaining many affiliated points.  Rolo moves well and has a great natural carriage making him a favourite for flatwork lessons as well as jumping.  He is a forward, fun hack too.  Rolo is beautifully put together with super conformation and good looks, making his horse a real favourite with teenagers.


Onyx is a 15hh black Irish cob gelding. He is perfect for beginners to intermediate riders. He is a steady, balanced, easy little horse who always does his best to please. Onyx jumps, hacks and is super safe in all ways. He carries himself well allowing him to be ridden by many different size/age of rider from young children to elderly riders. His incredibly calm nature instills confidence into all who ride him.

Bailey-small 1


Bailey is a 15hh Norwegian Fjord gelding.  He is Crystal’s lead hack horse.  Bailey is brave and bold often showing older horses the way past “spookys” when out hacking.  Bailey’s affectionate nature and teddy bear looks draw attention wherever he goes.  Bailey also works in adult lessons and pony club rallies. Bailey loves to jump and attend sponsored rides.  His strong build allows him to be ridden by slightly heavier riders not wishing to be too far from the ground.


Albie is a 14.2hh Connemara gelding.  Albie is seen regularly competing away from the yard. He represents us at pony club events and is always a reliable team member eventing and show jumping. This well schooled, scopey pony is the ultimate “pony club pony”.  He excels at everything!  With affiliated show jumping winnings, experienced XC, gymkhanas and a super comfortable bold hack that you could ride up the A3 without hesitation.  A super confidence giver for advanced (D+) level riders and above.


Cuso is a 14.2hh grey Connemara x Thoroughbred gelding. He is a top level Pony Club Eventer. He won Area Pony Club with the best dressage score in the UK! He’s a great schoolmaster for small adults and teenagers. He loves to hack and jump. Cuso is the pony everybody wants.  He is a brilliant competition pony who successfully competes with our Pony Club members in dressage, ODE and SJ.  He really is a superstar. He takes riders to and including BHS Stage 4 flat and jump.


Morgan is a 14.2hh Bay Snowflake Appaloosa gelding. He is a very unusual colour making him easily recognisable wherever he goes. Morgan is a safe, steady ride. He is very bold and brave and enjoys jumping, hacking and long rides. He loves going to new places and is in his element when cross country schooling.  Morgan is a real character and is enjoyed by children and adults alike.


Rocky is a 14hh grey Connemara x gelding. Rocky is a jumping machine. In Ireland his previous owners enjoyed years of successful affiliated show jumping at top level.  His passion for jumping is clear to see.  His experience allows his riders to gain confidence. Rocky’s quick thinking and athletic ability make riding courses easy. Rocky also loves XC. He is a firm first choice for our teams eventing and show jumping. Rocky’s amazing turn of hoof in a jump off make him hard to beat. Rocky’s effortless collected canter means riders sit well and progress quickly, making Rocky a firm favourite for intermediate to advanced riders.


Apache is a 13.3hh blanket spotted dun Irish cob gelding. He is suitable for novice and intermediate riders. He loves to hack and jump. Apache is a great pony club pony.  His sweet temperament and love for people make him an ideal first share pony.  He is a real all-rounder that really enjoys mounted games and polocrosse.  Apache is suitable for children and small adults.


Rio is a 13.2hh palomino Registered Welsh Section C gelding. He is an extremely talented competition pony.  He works well in the school and loves hacking and jumping. Rio is a forward going pony that is ridden by experienced teenagers and small adults who enjoy his up hill paces and superb jumping technique. Rio is often seen out competing and representing our Pony Club at team events and competitions.


Caramac is a striking 13.2hh dun Registered New Forest gelding. He is a brilliant all-rounder who enjoys attention and loves work. His charming looks and  beautifully schooled way of going make him a very popular pony. Caramac is an active team member competing in all disciplines, representing our Pony Club. A superb pony who children and small adults adore.


Alfie is a 13.2hh strawberry roan Welsh Section B gelding. He is the perfect pony! Alfie is a very experienced pony and a real confidence giver.  He loves to hack, gymkhana and take part in rallies.  Alfie is a show schoolmaster and is often seen out at competitions always bringing home the ribbons.


Mattie is a 13hh grey Welsh Section C gelding. He is a really kind, sweet pony who wants to be your best friend. Mattie is a pleasure to ride and handle and is very popular with children. His super smooth trot is the best to practice your sitting trot to and great to work without stirrups on.  Mattie is also a brilliant games pony. He is quick off the mark and knows all the races. Mattie also loves Pony Days and Scavenger Hunts.


Nemo is a skewbald 12.2hh Irish gelding  He is a Grade B show jumping pony with many affiliated winnings. Nemo is a superb jumper who loves both show jumping and cross country. He is also a brilliant hacking pony. Nemo is a safe, pleasurable hack for children giving them confidence in open spaces and riding up and down hills. Nemo enjoys being groomed and loves having his tail washed. His favourite activity is hacking to a picnic spot.


Peanut is striking 12.2hh palomino registered Welsh section B gelding. He has a super sweet temperament and enjoys a groom and fuss. Peanut has lovely conformation and movement as he was bred in Wales to show. He is a well schooled, responsive pony that loves to work. Peanut can be seen in pony parties, pony club rallies, playing polocrosse and in mounted games. He suits riders at D+ level or above and lead rein. This pony is every mothers (and childs) dream.


Pumpkin is a striking 11.2hh chestnut Registered Welsh Section A gelding. Pumpkin is our smallest hacking pony. He takes children out on the lead (from an instructor on a horse) over Liss Forest cantering with balance and control developed from 2 years hunting with the New Forest hounds. Pumpkin also enjoys our pub and picnic rides, gymkhanas and junior polocrosse. A great pony for riders to learn to take lead file on.


Dinky is a grey 11.2hh Connemara x gelding. He is a fun pony that loves show jumping and gymkhanas. Dinky has an amazing, steady collected canter. Just right for show jumping and learning to canter on. Older children love to hack Dinky as he likes to keep up with the big horses when he’s out on the South Downs. A super little competition horse, in miniature.


Minnie is a 11hh grey Registered Welsh Section A mare. She’s very pretty with beautiful paces. Minnie has done very well showing and loves to be pampered and bathed ready to show. Minnie is a great jumper, she likes to hack and enjoys woodland rides. Minnie is great to come off the lead rein onto. Minnie is a real favourite in the school and loves children grooming her.


Leo is an adorable 11hh palomino Welsh Section A gelding.  He is every childs dream pony, with a golden coat and flowing white mane.  Leo is a super ridden pony on or off the lead and enjoys all activities, especially Pony Days.  He is sweet natured and kind who loves being groomed and cuddled.


Rupert is a 10.2hh chestnut Welsh x Shetland gelding. He is full of character and fun. Rupert is beautifully schooled and has been placed at dressage. He also loves to jump and has super technique over a fence.  A much loved pony who children can adore and brush and plait his beautiful flowing mane for hours.


Guinness is a piebald (32 inch) Scottish Sports Pony. He is a brilliant little pony that safely carries young children on and off the lead rein.  Guinness is lovely to handle and enjoys a fuss. His favourite activities are birthday parties and Easter Egg Hunts.


Tiny is a skewbald (26 inch) miniature Scottish Sports Pony.  Tiny is truly amazing.  He takes the smallest of rider safely out on the lead rein but steps it up a gear when asked.  A brilliant gymkhana pony that also plays junior polocrosse and regularly competes.  Tiny is very well schooled and gives endless pleasure to his riders teaching them to canter off the lead.  A real pony club pony in miniature.




Debbie Roche

Owner, Company Director and Lesson Manager
BHSAI, First Aid Trained, Pony Club Trained Instructor, British Equestrian Federation and Sport England Safeguarding and Protecting Children Qualified.

Debbie, with her daughter Crystal, founded Greatham Equestrian Centre in 2007. Debbie has been instrumental in its growth and development both as an Equestrian and Show Centre. Debbie has worked with horses for most of her life and her career has included teaching all levels of riders from novice to career students, caring for and training horses from foals to broodmares to competition standard.

Debbie’s experience extends across many aspects of horsemanship and has been reflected in her success competing her own horses.


Crystal Roche

Owner, Company Director and Yard Manager
BHSAI II ISM, First Aid Trained, Pony Club Trained Instructor, British Equestrian Federation and Sport England Safeguarding and Protecting Children Qualified.

Crystal has grown-up with horses all her life and has had a very successful career competing in many equestrian disciplines. She competed and won in the main ring at Hickstead in the Pony Club finals and won the National Show Jumping finals at Sansaw Park. At 18 years of age she won the Younger Rider Championships at Pycombe (Show Jumping). Crystal has successfully evented at pre-novice level and dressage to elementary level. She has worked at international show jumping level.

Crystal now specialises in teaching show jumping. She prepares students for their BHS stage examinations and has an excellent pass rate. She is a coach for the Pony Club and School Show Jumping teams. Crystal enjoys competing her own horse.

Crystal works very closely with their yard vet from Liphook Equine Hospital and has bought an exceptionally high level of veterinary nursing management to the yard.


Val Light

Office Manager
Val is Debbie’s mother and Crystal’s grandmother. She has ridden and worked with horses all her life. Val works part time running the office, taking bookings and helps out on Pony Days. In 1953 Val took part in the Horse of the Year Show and successfully ran her own riding school in the 1970’s for many years.


Keith Hutchings

Estate Manager
Keith is an essential part of the team. He’s responsible for early morning and late night checks on all our horses and ponies including our liveries. He maintains our stables, yard and fencing. He’s responsible for field management including our watering and feeding systems. Keith maintains our outdoor ménage and jumping and dressage equipment. He is also responsible for our security.


Jules Wilson

Advertising Manager
BHS Riding and Road Safety, Stage I & II

Jules has ridden all her life and has owned several horses and ponies. She was a member of Berkshire County Riding Club where she successfully competed and represented the club on many occasions. She particularly enjoyed eventing at pre-novice level, winning many events. Jules works part time on the yard and is responsible for the equestrian centres advertising and marketing.

We also work closely with the following professionals…….

David Catlin

Master Saddler
David is a very experienced saddler and ex show jumper! He regularly visits the yard to fit saddles and will reflock a saddle on site.

Kim Stevens

Kim is a very experienced horse professional. Kim provides us with an excellent clipping and trimming service.

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